Comments from Ted Belanger

I visited MCM in Ethiopia in July 2010.  Our experience was
outstanding from every perspective. We were able to do spine surgery
and some general orthopaedics cases while there, and we found plenty
of opportunities to interact with the doctors that live there
full-time. In addition to transmitting knowledge and goodwill, we had
a very busy social agenda. Mr Kim (the hospital administrator) and
Dr. Pearson and his wife made sure our schedule was full, seeing the
sites, dining in town, and celebrating the fourth of July with a
barbecue that reminded me of home. The people are welcoming, the
environment safe, and the need for help great. I intend to return
(with more resources and friends) the next opportunity I get. I would
highly recommend MCM to anyone interested in a medical mission trip
because it is organized and the accommodations are quite acceptable.

Ted Belanger, MD