Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hardings, Wendu, and Greg

Merrie and Merrie Grace Hardings have spent the summer in southern Ethiopia working on various projects as Dave has been working on famine relief during this crisis. We always enjoy visiting with the Harding family whenever they come to Addis. Merrie is a physical therapist and Merrie Grace is interested in the medical field. They stopped by for a day in the clinics and jumped right in with evaluations. As always, there are interesting patients who are willing to have a “crowd” of medical folks poke and push and talk about them.

Included in the group photo below is a resident from Black Lion, our nurse, and Dr. Wendu. Dr. Wendu just finished his fellowship in Pediatric Orthopaedics at The  Johns Hopkins University and has joined our staff. His wife LemLem, is still in Baltimore studying to take her board exams in nursing. We are excited about having him as part of the Myungsung family. A big warm WELCOME to Dr. Wendu.

Also in the group is Gregoire de Courville, seen in the “command chair.”  He is in his last week with us and has become special to all. He is now fluent in English, snows the Ethiopians with his Amharic, has a good basis in orthopaedics, and did well on his ranking scores. Greg has an inquisitive mind, humbleness, and a kind heart. We wish the best for Greg as we soon bid him adieu and hope our paths will cross again soon.
-- Don

The Group
Muscle testing evaluation by Merrie
Teddy & Greg
Teddy, Greg, & Merrie Grace
Greg & Dr. Wendu; Tsegay supervising
Dr. Wendu
Barbara's helpers