Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas, November 2011

We have had a steady stream of visitors from the United States and Europe. Currently Lars Halstead, neurosurgeon from Sweden has returned. We had a group over for an early Christmas Holiday supper the other night. Fikru explained to Lars the ins and outs of an artist's life in Addis, and Wendu, Gro, and Barbara and I enjoyed the conversation. Gro Hotvedt is a Norwegian nurse anesthetist who has been here for several assignments, with return to Norway later this month. She has been a dear friend, and we will miss her greatly.

Pastor Song invited us to the annual Christmas Program at Bingham School where his children attend along with Dr. Lee's children. It was a fine performance and added greatly to the holiday spirit.

We will leave December 10 for Orlando, to be with our family for Christmas.

-- Don

Barbara's tree
Lars & Fikru

The group
Children's singing performance

Dr. Lee and his family
Pastor Song and part of his family

Thanksgiving, November 2011

Laura and Tom Fitzpatrick and their 5 children invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner as she had a large turkey and was willing to share. Turkeys are generally unknown in this country and are imported and frequently referred to as Farange Doro (farange=white man's ; doro=chicken). It was a great time of celebrating an American Thanksgiving with a wonderful family, including some of Tom’s friends from the embassy construction business. Jake stood vigil waiting for a little turkey.

-- Don

Tom Fitzpatrick
Laura Fitzpatrick

American Thanksgiving
Uri, Susie, David Brendon, Tom,
Tommy, Johnny, Lili, Kate, Laura


Good News Church and Medical School, November 2011

The activity around here reached fever pitch around the 20th of November. The new church was to be dedicated on the 25th and a ton of work remained. Workers were on the job around the clock, and debris and junk, which had been laying around for months, had to be moved. The contractor assured everyone that it would be completed. General Park (retired 3-star general and chairman of the MCM Steering Committee) arrived from Korea, and things really started moving. Well, it did get completed, and we had a glorious celebration with dignitaries and catered food. Barbara sang in the choir (the only Westerner) and the Hallelujah Chorus was magnificent. The Ethiopian-Korean War Veterans were given special recognition. Senior Pastor Kim, Trade Minister Tedessa, IEC Pastor Gary Threat were honored speakers. The medical school building is beautiful, and the dining hall is magnificent. We’ll be able to have large conferences and meetings here.



Some choir members

"Love Bugs"
Choir rehearsal

New med school/church from our balcony
Front of church

Banquet Hall

Mr. Tadessa & Gary Threat
Ribbon cutting

Korean-Ethiopian veterans
In addition to the church and medical school celebration, a ground breaking ceremony was conducted for the 5-story out-patient addition to be completed within a year. This addition will include "clean air" surgical suites for joint replacements and expansion of our overcrowded out-patient services.


Dr. Kim, Senior Pastor Kim, General Park

Ground-breaking for new wing

Sunday, December 4, 2011

HVO Visit, November 2011

Kate Fincham from the Health Volunteers Overseas home office in Washington, D.C., paid us a visit. Dr. Wouballem  (Othopaedic Chair at Black Lion), Dr. Biruk, Dr. Kim and I had discussions on volunteers to be assigned to our respective facilities. Dr. Miklos Simon, oncologist from Portland,  expressed interest in expanding the oncology services to MCM as well as to Black Lion.

Conference Room discussion
Dr. Miklos, Barbara, Kate

Kate Finchan, Dr. Woubalem, Dr. Wendu,
Dr. Kim with Dr. Hailu, Dr. Biruk looking on